This is a character sheet generator for Shadowrun 5.

Tested in Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. For the best browser and print result, please use Google Chrome.

To use toolbox and character sheet, a screen resolution of at least 1680px (20" display) is recommended. On smaller screens scrollbars may be shown and you may not be able to access all functions.

Why a character sheet generator?

The default character sheet has a lot of boxes you, may not need for your character. This is wasted space that you would probably like to use else where.

This usualy leads to the creation of custom character sheets from the roleplaying community. And while checking the existing custom character sheets for Shadowrun 5, i realized that they always have lots of extra pages. You also can fill some of the custom character sheets at a computer, but formulars for calculated values or the transfer of input to other pages is usually missing.

This made me think and create this character sheet generator, with witch I try to achieve the following goals:

  • One, maximum two DIN-A4 Pages. If you want more pages, well you can add them of course.
  • A selection of boxes, to create an individual character sheet from.
  • Add/remove rows in the boxes, so it fits your individual requirements.
  • Flexible positioning of the boxes.
  • Formulars for calculated values and automatic transfer of values to other boxes and pages.
  • Show only required fields (e.g. condition monitor).

With version 2.0 additional goals have been added.

  • Usage as digital character sheet during the game sessions.
  • Load and save the character sheets online (e.g. create the character sheet on a computer, use it in a game session on a tablet)
  • Sheets for NPCs for game masters.
  • Autocomplete of values in boxes.


You can modify the character sheet to meet your requirements and fill out all fields on a computer.

To save your character sheet in a local file hit "Export/Import" in the menubar and follow the instructions. To save your character sheet online, hit "Functions" and register. After the registration you can log in and load and save your character sheets.

You can use the regular print function of your browser to print the charactersheet or, if supported by your operating system, create a PDF document that you can take to your game sessions. But you can also hit the "Play" button, and all editing functions are removed from the screen. You can of course modify the content of your character sheet or click a box in the condition monitor in "Play"-mode, but you can not modify the character sheet itself. For this you have to switch back to the "Edit"-mode.

If you drag a box over another box and drop it, the dropped box is inserted before the one you dropped on. So if you drag&drop from "left to right", nothing happens. If you drag&drop from "right to left" the boxes switch positions.

The input fields in the "Attributes" box have formulas applied that calculate depending fields, e.g. Pysical Limit. The condition monitor get update as well showing only available boxes for physical and mental damage as well as overflow.

If you enter an attribute value, only the largest number is used in the calculations.

Example: Haggar is a human with body 6. He has Bonelacing Titanium, which add +3 to body. You can enter this in the body field in multiple ways: 6 (9), 6 / 9, or even 6 + 3 (9) but only 9 is used for the calculations.

Some of the boxes provide an automatic completion. That means when you for example are typing the name of a vehicle in the "Vehicle" box, a database is searched in the background to make suggestions for the completion. When you select one of the suggested vehicles found, all values are automatically filled into the fields of the box. Of course you can modify the values afterwards.

No-Gos - or what the charactersheet generator is not supposed to do

  • Editing on tablet or smartphone: No, sorry. Not intended. For creating an individual character sheet please use a computer with a mouse, if you want to use a character sheet in play mode on a tablet that´s fine and works well. And what about Smartphones ... well if your phone does have a width of 860px or more, everything works find! If it does not, don´t use your phone in a game session.
  • Character generator: No, it is a character sheet you create. There are tools like Chummer or Herolabs you can use to create your character. And after creation you can easily create a character sheet here and transfer the data.
  • Online-Character-Database: If you want to share your character sheet with your friends, print or generate a PDF document and share it.